What’s Required to Obtain a Credit Report?

It’s very easy to obtain a credit report online. You can have yours in just a few minutes. That report can be used to tell you how good or bad your credit is, and what you may need to correct to improve it. You may want to know what kind of information you need to have on hand before you try to obtain your report, though. That’s going to make obtaining a credit report a lot less frustrating, and remove any surprises during the process. We’ll cover what you need to have handy before you try to obtain your report.

The Basic Info
For the correct credit report, the one that pertains to you, the reporting company will need some identifying information. Your full name is required, and your maiden name may need to be provided, if you have one. You will need your date of birth and the address where you live now. It’s possible that you will be asked to provide a previous address, if it has changed over the last few years. Have all this info handy when you prepare to request a report.

Your Social Security Number
You might be hesitant to provide your social security number, but it will be necessary if you want to see your credit report. Credit reporting agencies use your social security number to track your credit information. The most reputable sites will replace your social security numbers on the screen with asterisks. If the site you are trying to use to get a credit report from doesn’t have this feature, then it’s a good idea to look somewhere else. That’s one of the simpler ways to protect your social security number online.

Confirming Who You Are
You won’t be able to access your credit report until you prove who you are. If the report could be accessed using readily available information, then anyone could see your report. That’s why you’re probably going to be asked a few questions that pertain to your past credit history. You might be asked what company financed your home loan or something similar. These questions will deter people who aren’t you from looking at your report.

Credit Card Details
For a free report, you should never have to provide any credit card information. It is always free to access your report from legitimate sites, and if a site asks you for credit card info to access the report, even as a verification method, you should be looking elsewhere.

Your credit report doesn’t require a lot of information to access, but you should be prepared for the questions you may be asked and you should have the necessary information on hand to meet the identification requirements.


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