Improve Your Credit By Being Proactive

The Approved Credit Score founder, and CEO, Anthony Vanaki, is full of credit compliance wisdom. In this video, Anthony wants to encourage you to be proactive in the process of building, and maintaining your credit – no matter where your score currently stands.

Why be proactive with your credit?

  • The more time you allocate to maintaining your credit, the less you’ll be affected by score dips.
  • When you’re proactive, dips in your score (which are often inevitable) are manageable, and don’t last long.
  • Looking after your credit, and making payments on time, shows responsibility overall.
  • Lenders see responsible engagement with credit as a positive, and you’ll be able to qualify for higher amounts the longer you stay proactive.
  • Leverage credit lines, instalment loans, etc to build up your credit profile, showing lenders you can handle it.
  • To understand how to best be proactive with your credit, educate yourself, or reap the benefits of mentorship from a qualified expert.
  • Your pro-activity in your credit is an investment in your financial future.

Need guidance on how to be proactive?
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