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Approved Credit Score (ACS) helps honest, hard-working Americans – restore their credit compliance, and secure the financial freedom that they deserve.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve quickly become the fastest growing credit compliance officers.

Unlike our competitors, we focus on speed and attentiveness, thoroughly checking each client’s case and handling their issues as if they were our own – with diligence and dedication.

How We Help

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We work with highly-skilled credit and legal professionals to give you prompt, personalized attention, and to fast-track your unique case through the credit reporting agencies, so that you get quick, thorough resolution of your credit issues – or your money back.

We Treat People, as People

With every case, for every customer, we give our complete, undivided attention. That means treating every customer as an individual, and creating a workable, impactful game plan that helps get your credit back on track.

We’re Fast

Our average turnaround time is measured in weeks, not months or years – so you can reap all the benefits that an error-free report can provide – including better interest, better deals on auto and mortgage loans, improved employment prospects, and much more.

It’s been an amazing journey with ACS. A quick one – but a really, really exciting one. They helped improve my score almost 100 points in 4 weeks!

Anthony has given an amazing gift to me by cleaning up my credit. He took my score from the low 400’s to high 600’s – in only 2 weeks!

Steph R.

You guys helped rebuild my credit so that I could purchase a new car. Your process was professional, friendly, and only took a few weeks to raise my score and get approved!

Mark A.

The decision to become a Platinum Club Member has changed my life, my vision and my opportunity to reach the American Dream. You’ve given me a second chance…

It’s OK to ask for help, let the ACS Team help you take back control
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