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I have a lead, what do I do now?

Great work! Ensure you receive your commission by inputting your lead’s details via the ‘Send Lead’ form. You can access this form by navigating to the ‘Link Generator’ in the Affiliate Partner Portal, and using the address under ‘My Tracking Link’ for the ‘Send Lead’ page.

How do I generate my own tracking links?

Navigate to the ‘Link Generator’ page via the main menu on the left-hand side of the Affiliate Partner Portal. You can use the already generated tracking links provided.

Free Consultation: this link is to the Free Consultation landing page, and is customer facing. Use the URL under ‘My Tracking Link’.

Send Lead: this link is for your eyes only. It’s where you can fill out the details of any new leads you’ve secured. Use the URL under ‘My Tracking Link’.

OR you can generate your own links.

Navigate to the bottom of the page to ‘Generate Link’ Use the drop-down menus to customize your tracking link. Then click the green ‘Generate Link’ button. Your unique tracking link will appear just below the button. Simply copy and paste to use.

What materials should I send my prospects?

Send communications to your prospects, such as emails and banner images. You can generate an email to send out to your prospects under ‘Email Templates’. Or send your own email, as you see fit. If you’re communicating with prospects, send them promotional materials, which you can find under ‘Resources’ in the Portal’s main menu.

I sent through a lead, but I haven’t been paid for it.

If you haven’t been paid for a lead, they may not have converted (become a paying client). Otherwise, you may just need to wait, as commissions are paid out at the beginning of the month, for the previous month’s earnings. Some clients pay in installments, in which case your pay will come in gradually.

How much do I make in commissions per lead?

When your lead becomes a paying client, you will receive 5% of their payment. Read the ‘How Commissions Work’ guide for more details.

When do I get paid commissions?

Commissions for the previous month are paid out during the first week of the current month.

How do I generate a report to see my conversions?

The most accurate report you can get on your conversions is via the ‘Commissions Generated’ report under ‘Reports’ in the Portal side bar menu. Simply specify a date range, and generate your report!

After I submit a lead do I need to do anything else?

There’s no further action required from you.

In extreme circumstances, one of our specialists may contact you with additional instructions, but this is rare and will be handled case by case.


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