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How to Get a Credit Card When You Have No Credit

If you have yet to establish a credit history – perhaps because you’re young, or because you’ve recently had to clean up your history completely – and you need a credit card, you’ve probably run into a major obstacle. Credit card providers want nothing to do with you. Most lenders simply won’t approve people with […]

Re-Aging Old Debt: The Pros & Cons

Re-aging debt refers to the changing of a delinquency status on accounts with late payments, or overdue debt. A delinquent account is an account which is not paid off, and has many late payments. An account in good standing is paid off as per agreement, and is paid on time. When it comes to re-aging […]

From No Credit To Perfect Credit – Tips for Building Up Your Credit

Most people know that a low credit score can have massive negative ramifications on their lives. From hiked up interest rates, to mortgage rejections – bad credit can make all of your financial dreams seem completely out of reach. What if we told you that having NO credit, is almost as bad as having bad […]

Protecting Yourself From Debt Collectors

Have you got debt collection companies calling you in the wee hours of the morning, through to the late hours in the night? Debt collectors can be pervasive, persistent, and sometimes – pretty abusive – with their tactics. Why do debt collectors harass you? Because they’re out to profit. Many of these debt collection companies […]

‘They did the impossible’ – Approved Credit Score review

Steve needed a 700 FICO, in order to secure the funding he needed for his business.  With Approved Credit Score, he was able to reach his goal within just a few months. “Anthony did what I thought was impossible… he put a game plan together with his team, and told me exactly what they were […]

Improving Your Credit Score in 4 Simple Steps

Many consumers are starting to learn how to use their credit score to their advantage and improve their credit score over time. We are seeing credit scores increase over time from a large number of consumers, mostly because people are learning to use their credit better. FICO (which is used to calculate most credit scores) […]