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What Your Credit Score Means to Different Aspects of Your Life

If you are going to take care of your credit score, then you need to have good spending habits. This means paying your bills when they are due, keeping your credit cards paid off as much as possible, negotiating with collections agencies and debtors and not applying for lots of cards or loans at once. […]

“My Credit Score Improved by 200+ Points!” – ACS Success Story

The team at Approved Credit Score love what we do, because when we succeed, so do our clients. We helped Sean B. reclaim his financial future, by improving his score by over 200 points! “Anthony has given an amazing gift to me by cleaning up my credit. He took my score from the low 400’s […]

The Difference between No Credit Score and a Low Credit Score

The problem with a credit history is that no one wants to give you any credit until you have an established credit history, but it takes credit to be able to build up that history. It’s a chicken and the egg problem. You should begin your efforts toward a better score by getting a free […]

Improve Your Credit By Being Proactive

The Approved Credit Score founder, and CEO, Anthony Vanaki, is full of credit compliance wisdom. In this video, Anthony wants to encourage you to be proactive in the process of building, and maintaining your credit – no matter where your score currently stands. Why be proactive with your credit? The more time you allocate to […]

What’s Required to Obtain a Credit Report?

It’s very easy to obtain a credit report online. You can have yours in just a few minutes. That report can be used to tell you how good or bad your credit is, and what you may need to correct to improve it. You may want to know what kind of information you need to […]

Why Good Credit during Retirement Is Necessary

You may have kept your credit score in good standing when you were younger in order to get the best rates on auto and home loans. But now that you are past those days of big purchases, do you still need a good credit score? When you are preparing for retirement, does your credit score […]