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The Difference Between Credit Repair and Credit Rebuilding

When it comes to telling the difference between repairing your credit, and building it, ask yourself which camp you fall into: Low Credit, or No Credit? Low credit means a low credit score – which is a bad credit score. Bad credit scores can hinder you from getting approved for loans, credit applications, and mortgages. […]

10 Different Methods for Improving Your Credit Score

When your credit score is low, it can cost you and it can create a lot of stress. But there is hope. Bad credit doesn’t have to be a stain on your record forever. You can make changes that will affect your score positively, and get your finances back where they need to be. 1. […]

What Your Credit Score Means to Different Aspects of Your Life

If you are going to take care of your credit score, then you need to have good spending habits. This means paying your bills when they are due, keeping your credit cards paid off as much as possible, negotiating with collections agencies and debtors and not applying for lots of cards or loans at once. […]

The Difference between No Credit Score and a Low Credit Score

The problem with a credit history is that no one wants to give you any credit until you have an established credit history, but it takes credit to be able to build up that history. It’s a chicken and the egg problem. You should begin your efforts toward a better score by getting a free […]

Why Your Credit Score Is Important to Your Employers

You might not be thinking about your credit score when you are out job searching, but you should be. Many people will say that their credit score doesn’t reflect their job performance, but not all employers will agree. In fact, more than half of all employers said they perform credit checks on potential hires, according […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Credit Card

Recently, a number of consumers have been questioning the need for a credit card. Cash is just as easy to use, after all, and without a card, there is less risk of identity theft. Plus, if you forgo a card, you won’t have to deal with shady lending practices. Many consumers feel that they are […]

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