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Protecting Yourself From Debt Collectors

Have you got debt collection companies calling you in the wee hours of the morning, through to the late hours in the night? Debt collectors can be pervasive, persistent, and sometimes – pretty abusive – with their tactics. Why do debt collectors harass you? Because they’re out to profit. Many of these debt collection companies […]

Improving Your Credit Score in 4 Simple Steps

Many consumers are starting to learn how to use their credit score to their advantage and improve their credit score over time. We are seeing credit scores increase over time from a large number of consumers, mostly because people are learning to use their credit better. FICO (which is used to calculate most credit scores) […]

How to Get Your Credit Score and FICO Score Back on Track

If you are looking to improve your credit score or fix a bad credit score, then you should know the process is just as tough and time intensive as losing weight. You can’t take any shortcuts or you will suffer some severe consequences. Your credit score repair efforts need to be done carefully and over […]

10 Top Tips for Credit Score Improvement

Your credit score might not be on your mind all the time, but it can seriously affect you in ways you may not realize. Your score plays a role in determining if you are accepted for mortgages, and it determines what rate you pay for insurance and interest. It can even play a part in […]

Is a Credit Card Right for Everyone?

Americans no longer rely on credit cards the way they used to. Ever since the GFC, attach rates have gone down and most people report to carrying less credit now than they did back in the early 2000s. They also tend to pay off their full balance and pay on time more often than they […]

5 Methods for Reducing Debt and Raising Your Credit Score

It’s common knowledge that if you pay your debts in a timely manner and fix errors on your credit report, that your credit score will improve. You might not realize that getting rid of some of your debt (or all of it) can help your credit score as well. The scoring algorithm that the credit […]

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